Scientific Program

Final Program and Information on the Symposium Venue

The final program and Information on the ISEO2012 Venue can be downloaded here.

Plenary Lectures

Umami and Kokumi; latest insights in taste perception - Chris Winkel (Givaudan)

Essential oils as ecological signals: expanding our awareness of plant communication - Robert Raguso (Cornell University, USA)

Ecological role of essential oils and volatiles in plants - Anna-Karin Borg-Karlson (Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Sweden)

Molecular techniques and volatiles - Gene-silencing techniques - Joerg Degenhardt (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany)

Chemical ecology of essential oils: analytical methods and biological activity - Alěs Svatǒs (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Germany)

Aroma compounds in tomato flavour - Denise Tieman (University of Florida, USA)

Propolis volatiles: chemical diversity and biological activity - Vassya Bankova (Institute of Organic Chemistry, Bulgaria)

Are essential oils natural products? - Daniel Joulain (SCBZ Conseil, France)

Young Scientists Symposium and Fellowships

ISEO2012 will set up a special session for the presentations of outstanding work of young scientists.
Conference young scientists’ participants, with accepted oral or poster presentation, can apply to a Registration Fellowship that consists of full reimbursement of the registration fee (€265). Twenty Registration Fellowships will be awarded.
Registration Fellowship award decisions will be made by the Selection Committee based on the merit of scientific quality.
Please follow carefully the application instructions that you can download here.
Download CV form for application here.
Information on the Young Scientists ISEO2012 Registration Fellowship Application process can be downloaded here.

Oral communications and posters

Participants are invited to present a contribution either as an oral communication or as a poster.
Short oral communications selected by the Scientific Committee, among the submitted abstracts will be scheduled. Overhead and slide projectors as well as MS-Power Point presentation facilities are available.
Two poster sessions will be scheduled. All posters will remain exhibited throughout the symposium. Poster boards measuring 85cm wide and 120cm height will be available for poster presentation. Posters should be in the portrait mode, A0 size (84cm x 118cm).

Preliminary scientific program schedule